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  1. Bullet  Troop 1 Handbook (Download PDF)

  2. Bullet  Winter Camping Gear List (Download .doc)

  3. Bullet  Ten Essentials Checklist     (Download PDF)

  4. Bullet  BSA Tour Permit Application (aka Trip Permit)

  5. Bullet  Trip Coordinator Checklist   (Download PDF)

  6. Bullet  Campout Meal Planner   (Download PDF)

  7. Bullet  Backpacking Recipes   (Download PDF)

  8. Bullet  Weekend Backpacking Lists   (Download PDF)

  9. Bullet  Troop 1 General Release Form   (Download PDF)

  10. Bullet  Snow Caving Equipment List   (Download PDF)

  11. Bullet  Merit Badge Counselor Sign-Up Form  (Download PDF) 

  12. Bullet  BSA Medical Form - replaces Classes I, II and III  (Download PDF)

  13. Bullet  Other CPC BSA Forms and Downloads

  14. Bullet  REI Pack Information Sheet   (Download PDF)

  15. Bullet  FUMC Driving Record and Car Insurance - Required for Registration (Download .doc)

  16. Bullet  FUMC Policy on Liability and Waivers - Required for Registration (Download .doc)

  17. Bullet  FUMC Staff Volunteer Disclosure - Required for Registration (Download .doc)

Forms and Downloads