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   Sep 19     Troop Meeting: Potluck.

   Sep 21     Troop Meeting: Plan Twin Lakes trip; Troop Leader elections.

   Sep 22-23  Twin Lakes backpacking trip.

   Sep 26     Troop Meeting: Youth Protection; Court of Honor.

   Sep 30     PLC Training (location TBD).

   Oct 3      Troop Meeting.

   Oct 7      Fundraising: Portland Marathon.

   Oct 10     Troop Meeting: Plan Willapa Bay Canoe trip.

   Oct 12-14  Canoe trip (3 day weekend; 2-night trip).

   Oct 17     Troop Meeting.

   Oct 20     Scott M Eagle Project.

   Oct 27     Clay C Eagle Project.

   Oct 31     Troop Meeting.

   Nov 3,4    First Aid, CPR Training.

   Nov 7      Troop Meeting.

   Nov 14     Troop Meeting: plan urban bike ride.

   Nov 17     Urban Bike Ride.

   Nov 21     No Troop Meeting; Thanksgiving Break.

   Nov 28     Troop Meeting.

   Dec 1,2    Outdoor Skills Training Course (1 night); Snowshoe XC Ski Cabin Trip.

   Dec 5      Troop Meeting: plan Edgewood Downs/Circuit visit.

   Dec 9     Community Service: Edgewood Downs, Circuit.

   Dec 12     Troop Meeting.

   Dec 20     Community Service: Jesuit High Food Drive.

   Dec 19     No Troop Meeting: Holidays.

   Dec 26     No Troop Meeting: Holidays.


   Jan 2      Troop Meeting.

   Jan 9      Troop Meeting: plan Onstott Cabin trip; Court of Honor.

   Jan 16     Troop Meeting.

   Jan 19-21  Onstott Cabin trip.

   Jan 23     Troop Meeting.

   Jan 30     Troop Meeting.

   Feb 6      Troop Meeting: Snow cave building.

   Feb 10     Scout Sunday.

   Feb 13     Troop Meeting: Snow caving trip planning.

   Feb 16-18  Snow Caving.

   Feb 20     Troop Meeting.

   Feb 27     Troop Meeting: Archery Afield (7:00 PM)

   Mar 2      Camporee skills - Location TBD. 

   Mar 6      Troop Meeting: Plan urban bike ride.

   Mar 10     Urban Bike Ride.

   Mar 20     Troop Meeting: Plan family camp.

   Mar 27     No Troop Meeting: Spring Break.

   Apr 3      Troop Meeting: Family camp planning.

   Apr 10     Troop Meeting: Camporee/family camp planning.

   Apr 12-14  Family Camp @ Blue Sky Ranch.

   Apr 17     Troop Meeting: Camporee planning.

   Apr 24     Troop Meeting: SkyHigh Night.

   May 1      Troop Meeting: Final Camporee planning.

   May 3-5    Camporee.

   May 8      Troop Meeting: Smith Rocks planning.

   May 15     Troop Meeting: Smith Rocks planning/Court of Honor. Court of Honor.

   May 18-19  Smith Rocks.

   May 22     Troop Meeting: Masters Run planning.

   May 27     Masters Run.

   May 29     Troop Meeting: Plan training hike.

   Jun 5      Last Troop Meeting: kickball @ Chapman Elementary School.

   Jun 15     Last Day of School (PPS)

   Jun 21     Deschutes River Rafting.

   Jun 30     Potluck @ Raleigh Hills Park

   Jul 6      Dog Mountain Hike

   Jul 14-20  Summer Camp @ Camp Meriwether.

   Jul 27-28 Mount Adams Climb.

   Aug 11-17  High Adventure.

   Aug 28     PLC Meeting: planning 2012-2013 Calendar.


Troop 1 Activities